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How Long Do you Need To Run Your Pool Pump | PoolandSpaPartsSuperstore


So how long do you really need to run your pool pump?.... and how much electricity can you save?


Before we talk about how long we need to run the pool pump, we need to understand why we run it at all.  The pump pulls water out of the pool to pass it through a filter and possibly a salt-chlorine generator before returning the clean water to the pool.   How long we run the pump depends entirely on how much filtration and sanitizing is required in your particular situation.


Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) did a study of residential swimming pools and concluded that traditional pool pumps consume about $1,200/yr in electricity.  Booster pumps add another $569/yr .  This study led to the new regulations that require variable-speed pumps in many states.  You can calculate the number of kWh your pool is consuming and its carbon footprint by following this link.  


So back to the question... IF you remove 90 - 95% of the debris before it sinks and decomposes... AND you are cleaning the fine particles off the surface with your solar-powered skimmer... then you can reduce your pool pump run-time by as much as two-thirds.  That's an $800 savings and your own little contribution to our beautiful planet. 


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